The 1st international conference for sustainability and impact investing in Greece

1st dedicated international impact event in Greece – a historical milestone

Involve the local investment ecosystem, government officials, international experts, speakers and panellists, global organizations (e.g. the GIIN), international impact investors, fund managers and DFIs

Target and implement fully sustainable concept for the conference, (ecological venue selection, sustainable food, zero plastic use, recycling / upcycling of waste etc.)

Aim to educate the investor and entrepreneurs community on impact investing and expose the Greek ecosystem to the international impact community

In collaboration with TSOMOKOS S.A.

(organizers of The Delphi Economic Forum)

Date: (Q1 2023, exact dates to be announced)

Venue: (to be announced)

Event features: specialized thematics, speekers and active participations,
as well as marketing actions before and after the event

We are looking forward to welcoming local and international sustainability and impact investing experts, private and institutional investors, as well as impact entrepreneurs and fund managers to facilitate knowledge exchange and allow for collaboration around this revolutionary global methodology.

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