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Join forces with the HIIN and its partners to support this major international event and gain exposure in our impact investing ecosystem. More local & international partners to be announced.
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A Historic Event
The very first Hellenic Impact Investing Conference in 2023 was a milestone international event. Local and international sustainability and impact investing experts, private and institutional investors, as well as impact entrepreneurs and fund managers promoted collaboration and educated around this revolutionary methodology that has set new standards globally.
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The Hellenic Impact Investing Conference

September 2024

For the Largest Impact Event in Southeast Europe


What to expect in the 2024 event

Inclusion of the whole ecosystem, more content partners, carbon neutral, more sustainable – accessible – inclusive event​.

Truly international, largest impact event in SE Europe, deep dive in pressing impact matters, strong networking​.

Investor-connect program for fund managers and start-ups, one-on-one private meetings with investors and government​.

Side mini-events with cultural, environmental and impact subjects following the days of the conference​.

2024 Goals

We build on the major success of our 1st historic event in 2023.

The 2024 full day event is planned for September 2024 in Athens, Greece, followed by an Impact Weekend with rich cultural, environmentally and socially linked side activities set to facilitate dialogue and knowledge exchange.

Our main goal in 2024 is to allow for a deeper dive in the regional and international impact investing ecosystem and trends.

We will include the latest developments in sustainability and impact investing, impact strategies, impact metrics, investment products and innovative ventures in local, regional and international impact ecosystems.

Key Mission

The Conference fulfils one of the key-missions of the HIIN: to propagate the meaning and importance of Impact Investing, to point out the correct definition and differentiation, to educate about the criteria for this revolutionary methodology and to launch the creation of the impact ecosystem.
Some examples of 2023 conference themes:

sustainable food chains, sustainable aquaculture, alternative protein

sustainable food & agriculture, renewable energy, agro-voltaics

blue economy, sustainable tourism, green shipping

carbon sequestration, nature-based solutions, reforestation

Topics & Content

Focus on Sustainable Development and Impact Investing in Greece. The philosophy of Sustainability reflects on the topics as well as the organization itself.

Energy Independence Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Trends, Infrastructure, Technologies and Energy Communities

Food Security & Biodiversity Sustainable Food and Agriculture, Nature-Based Solutions, Reforestation

Blue Economy Green Shipping, Sustainable Tourism, Sustainable Aquaculture, Coastal Infrastructure

Impact Grassroots
Accelerating Start-ups and Venture Capital Strategies to Scale-up Impact Ventures
Social Entrepreneurship Its Role in Education, Healthcare, Gender Equality, Culture and Social Inclusion

Global Ιmpact
Creating new Impact Ecosystems in New Markets, the Example of Greece

Impact Facilitators
The Role of Governments, the EU, Regulators, NGOs, Philanthropists, Academia

Target Audience

The Hellenic Impact Conference involves the local investment ecosystem, government officials, international experts, global organizations, international impact investors, fund managers and DFIs.

International investors and investors focused on impact and sustainability (private or institutional) with interest in Greece

Local private investors or investment institutions, Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds etc.

Large corporations with the aim of achieving Sustainability Goals or improvement of their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) profile

Impact entrepreneurs with innovative SMEs with high impact potential

Investment advisors and experts, asset managers, fund managers and alternative investment professionals

Governments and international organizations, DFIs, academia, general public

We thank our 2023 event sponsors

Grand Sponsor Package

Create a curated discussion / panel dedicated to your interests

Private meetings with speakers or media representatives

Brand Awareness & Brand Visibility: in all pre- event print and digital campaigns and all event collateral including website, social media outlets, email marketing campaign

Special reference on sponsor’s panel/keynote in intl. impact network of the partners through social media ( more than 10.000 sustainability and impact partners ) + special customized email to selected local and international partners

Special customized email to selected local and international sustainability / impact partners

Post conference use of panel video materials, right to use HIIN and conference logo in corporate, announcements, social media, websites etc.

Exclusive invitations and front row seats, product demo or showcase in the lobby, receive information about attendees

Basic Sponsor Package

Speaking Opportunity for a C-level executive

Brand Awareness & Brand Visibility: in all pre- event print and digital, campaigns and all event collateral including website, social media, outlets, email marketing campaign

Special reference on sponsor’s panel/keynote in intl. impact network of the partners through social media (more than 10.000 sustainability and impact partners)

Post conference use of panel video materials

Right to use HIIN sponsorship and logo in corporate announcements

Exclusive invitations, product demo or showcase in lobby

The Organizing Partnership

The Hellenic Impact Investing Network (HIIN) is the first impact investing platform in Greece, creating awareness and mobilizing action Sustainability and Impact Investing in the Greek and international investor and entrepreneurs community. Furthermore, it builds the local impact ecosystem and supports the creation of a friendly environment for such investments in Greece, while showcasing innovative opportunities to the global impact investing community.

SGT is an international corporate communications enterprise that offers high-quality corporate communication services and organizes a successful series of prototype events. The company's team is also responsible for the annual coordination of the internationally renown Delphi Economic Forum.

Phenix Capital specialises in connecting practitioners active in the impact investing space with value added market intelligence through digital databases, publications and though leadership industry events. Through tailored advisory services, Phenix focuses (but not limited to) on cocreating investing strategies and frameworks with institutional investors and impact fund managers. 

The Initiators

The HIIN: who we are

The Hellenic Impact Investing Network (HIIN) is a global network with the aim to create awareness and mobilize action about sustainability and impact investing in the Greek investor and entrepreneur community

The HIIN Team is comprised of seasoned international investment, communication, impact and NGO professionals with long track record in sustainability, social responsibility and impact investing

We help investors understand the impact methodology – we help Greek entrepreneurs articulate their impact profile and share their innovative business models with the international impact investing community – we help regulators and state and academic institutions design frameworks to support the advancement of the methodology

We are Greeks in origin, and at heart; we are parents, children, brothers and sisters; we are passionate about the protection of the environment and the creation of social wealth

We encourage creative, multidisciplinary thinking that will help Greece achieve a sustainable future and a circular economy

The HIIN idea was conceived in Switzerland in 2018 and officially registered as a Greek NGO in Athens as of April 2021

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