We are the Greek National Advisory Board
for Impact Investing

In September 2023, the HIIN took a significant step towards its vision by assuming the role of the National Advisory Board (NAB) of Greece for Impact Investing.

This accreditation conferred by the esteemed Global Steering Group for Impact Investing, the largest global organization in the realm of impact investing. 

The official announcement took place at the Global Impact Summit of the GSG in Malaga, Spain, where hundreds of impact oriented individuals from all over the world displayed the dynamic community that grows the impact ecosystem.

The HIIN is putting a new dynamic to its vision and mission, by expanding its NAB platform with exceptional personalities from the Greek & Impact Ecosystem. As a NAB, the HIIN elevates the Greek impact ecosystem to global recognition, shapes policies and regulations that can drive impact investment initiatives, and promotes Greece in the global impact investing community.

GSGii is the largest global organization committed to Impact Investing. I catalyses impact investment and entrepreneurship for the betterment of people and the planet and brings together leaders from finance, business and philanthropy to address some of the most pressing social and environmental challenges globally.

Through its country-specific National Advisory Boards, the GSGii also aids governments to formulate policies that promote impact investing. Learn more about the GSG here: www.gsgii.org

The NAB Members

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