The Hellenic Impact Investing Network

The Hellenic Impact Investing Network (HIIN), founded in Geneva in 2018, and registered in Greece in Spring 2021, is a global network emphasizing in creating awareness and mobilizing action about sustainability and impact investing in the Greek investor and entrepreneur community around the world.

We focus and specialize on investment-ready initiatives with return potential.

We aim to support the creation of a friendly environment for such investments in Greece and to place the country on the global impact investing map, among others through showcasing Greek innovative and pioneering impact opportunities to the global impact investing community.

Our network works with a “triple goal mindset”. Therefore, our key-verticals include:

  • Impact education – impact awareness and education around the nature of Impact Investing itself, as a methodology (local audiences), as well as the attractiveness of the country as a premier destination for impact projects (international audiences)
  • Impact readiness – for example, helping young entrepreneurs to develop a robust impact business plan and metrics and communicate their offering with the global impact community
  • Enabling impact– for example, supporting Greek related initiatives around the creation of registered and regulated investment products (e.g. funds, notes, bonds) focusing on sustainability and impact investing

Our targeted audience includes, state linked organizations and entities, Greek, Greece-based or Greece-linked private, corporate and institutional investors, financial corporations, foundations and philanthropic institutions, entrepreneurs, and junior and senior experts and advisors.

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