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Since 2017, we focus on high-impact, for-profit ventures and risk-return balanced financial instruments.


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The 2nd Hellenic Impact Investing Conference

After the 1st, historic event in 2023, the HIIN will organize the 2nd Hellenic Impact Investing Conference in 2024, an international milestone for impact investing in SE Europe.

Largest Impact Event in Southeast Europe

Putting Greece in the Global Impact Investing Map

26 September 2024 – Athens, Greece 

The Hellenic Impact Investing Network
is the first dedicated impact investing platform in Greece

Our goal is to​ create awareness and mobilize action around sustainability and impact investing in Greece​,

​to help the creation of the local impact ecosystem and allow for technology and knowledge transfer from abroad​,

​to promote the sustainability agenda for the country and support the transition to a circular economy

and to connect the local network of entrepreneurs and investors to the global impact community

Since 2017 we focus on high-impact, for-profit ventures and risk-return balanced financial instruments

Putting Greece in the Global Impact Investing Map

For the 3rd year, the HIIN is proud to have organized the impact investing panel at the 7th Delphi Economic Forum 2022. The HIIN founder & president moderated the discussion.

Are you an impact enterpreuneur?

Is your start-up initiative or company sustainable-, green-, blue- or ESG-focused?

Be one of the first to be officially registered in the Hellenic Impact Investing Network database!

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this transformative movement, leading the charge towards a more sustainable and impactful future, all while gaining exposure to a network of investors and impact experts that spans the globe!

Impact Database


Is your business a Force for Good?

The HIIN is calling all social, sustainable, green, blue, or ESG-related initiatives, start-ups or companies to join the first Impact Database for Greece!

Get exposure to a vast network of international investors!

Get registered in the 1st Hellenic Impact Database. Don’t miss the opportunity to lead the change towards a more sustainable and impactful future.


Don't miss out!

Impact Accelerator


The first accelerator focused on training companies to unlock their impact & sustainability potential 

Greece seems to be at a crossroads when it comes to one of its most promising market areas: startups and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) .​

Despite the large number of the innovative ventures & accelerator programs in Greece, most are lacking SDG alignment, sustainability strategy and impact readiness​.

Main goals of this HIIN vertical are to educate & actively invest into innovative enterprises with positive impact footprint.


Featured impact stories:
The Generation Forest

The Generation Forest is a Germany based cooperative focused on mostly native, biodiverse reforestation & enhanced carbon sequestration in the tropics, aiming to develop as many Generation Forests as possible in the shortest amount of time. It combines a unique Nature Based Solution, achieving a high impact profile through biodiversity restoration, carbon sequestration and the reduction of rural poverty. Through it’s cooperative nature, the areas reforested belong to its members, catalyzing the effect individual memberships can have towards reforestation. The Generation Forest is part of an umbrella of three different entities, Generation Forest Invest and Generation Forest Foundation. The HIIN is exploring how we can replicate the successful business model of the tropics in Greece, to reforest destroyed burn areas etc etc. attract impact investors to the country and create a long-term revenue for the state through the sale of carbon credits.

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Selected honorable partners that support the verticals of the HIIN with their valuable sponsoring.

The HIIN joins forces with these selected partners, key members and affiliates, towards a sustainable future for Greece.

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