The HIIN at the Greek House Davos 2023

The HIIN members attended the official announcement of the 2023 GHD in Athens, amongst several key figures from the Greek entrepreneurial and political world.

The President of the HIIN was invited to present at the 2nd Greek House Davos, in the context of the Davos World Economic Forum.

Greek House Davos engages Greek industry leaders with top-tier decision makers and participants of the World Economic Forum, providing best-in-class events to address global trends, suggest growth-oriented regional strategies and systematize international business interaction.

Through a flagship series of high-level panel discussions, cocktails, exclusive dinners, and ad hoc B2B and B2G meetings, Greek House Davos 2023 connects the Greek entrepreneurship ecosystem with global business leaders, acting as a catalyst for international partnerships and business synergies.

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