The HIIN at the Delphi Economic Forum 2023

The HIIN participated in the Delphi Economic Forum VIII for the fourth, consecutive year, as a panel host, contributing content and experience.

For this year’s Delphi Economic Forum, the HIIN contributed in one of the most interesting and popular discussion panels. The HIIN President and SIO Managing Partner, Kostis Tselenis, presented the mission and vision of The HIIN and explained why and how Impact Investing is the vehicle for a more sustainable, impactful, and profitable future.

Panel Theme : “Sustainable Finance: The Increasing Importance Of ESG”

Moderator : Nik Gowing, Co-Director, Thinking the Unthinkable, United Kingdom


Kostis Tselenis, Managing Partner, Swiss Impact Office, Switzerland / President, The HIIN, Greece

Kiara Konti, Partner | Climate Change and Sustainability Services Leader – Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe & Central Asia (CESA), EY, Greece

Maria Nefeli Bernitsa, Counsel, Bernitsas Law, Greece

The panel theme attracted many attendants and became even more interesting, as moderator Nik Gowing made the most out of the available time by allowing the audience to post a few questions to the panelists.

Additionally, HIIN members had the opportunity to network and liaise with several top-tier stakeholders, expanding thus our reach and financing potential.

Kostis Tselenis also gave an on-site interview to journalist Crysanthi Stetou, CNN Greece, about Impact Investing and its importance for the future of Greece.

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