The HIIN presentation

A short presentation of the HIIN – Hellenic Impact Investing Network – March 2022

Defining Impact Investing

The HIIN was the first organization globally to provide the definition of impact investing in Greek, as
«Ε.Π.Κ.Α. – Επενδύσεις Περιβαλλοντικού και Κοινωνικού Αποτυπώματος»

Who We Are

The HIIN & The Impact Investing Ecosystem

Our Goals & Vision

Verticals, Activities & Ventures

The HIIN Verticals

The 1st Hellenic Impact Investing Conference

Overview of  the event

The 1st Hellenic Impact Map

Overview of The 1st Hellenic Impact Map

How to Support Our Cause – How to Support Impact Investing in Greece

Why Support the HIIN?

The HIIN Core Team

The HIIN Advisory Board

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